Online Course: How To Keep Your Thyroid Healthy, In Spite Of Environmental Toxins


Nowadays, we are bombarded with environmental toxins from the air, water and food. 

In addition x-ray exposure can damage cells in our body. 


How can we protect ourselves from enviornmental toxins and even radioactive particles?

In my online course you will learn what you can do to start protecting your body & your thyroid from

Free Radicals and even

radioactice Iodine, which damage tissues, cells, and the DNA of the cells.


Overview of my course:

Module I Module II Module III
 Iodine  Selenium  Glutathione the Major      Antioxidant
 Food sources for iodine  Selenium function  Glutathione deficiency
 Iodine deficiency &  Radioactive fallout exposure  Selenium food sources  Causes of Glutathione  deficiencies
 Potassium Iodide  Selenium testing  Gene mutations that can cause  glutathione deficiency
 Iodine testing  Other - Natural Remedies  that can be helpful  Testing for gene mutations
   in regard to Plutonium,  Blood testing for Glutathione
   Cesium & Strontium  



Bonus #1    Access to my Exclusive, private Facebook support group where you can ask questions,

                    get support from other members and me.

Bonus #2    My Ebook on Hypothyroidism which goes into adrenal issues in regard to hypothyroidism.

Bonus #3    Pdf file for each video, so you have a reference on hand to print it out or to download it to your phone.
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