If you are not using electrolytes your body will have a hard time producing energy.

If you are diagnosed with hypothyroidism and/or Hashimoto Thyroiditis and you have low energy even though your thyroid blood markers are in the normal range, have you ever wondered if there is something else going on that keeps you from feeling energized?

Electrolytes play a very important part in the body when it comes to cell function. 

Without giving too much away, our body does not contain 80% of water, it contains 80% of electrolyte solutions. 

Learn which electrolytes you need, why electrolytes are so important, what leaky gut has to do with feeling fatigued, and what you can do to feel more energized.

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  • Electrolytes & Energy
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    Information on Electrolytes and requirements on Energy production in the body.
    Instructor: Linda Wilbert - Stewart, FDN-P
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